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Noun. The reciprocal action of two or more groups, sources, or other factors to produce an effect that is greater than the effects of each separate source in furthering clinical advancements for the benefit of humanity.

The Clynergy Difference

Clynergy brings more than 19 years of international clinical research experience in all study phases and a wide range of products, including pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices, and digital therapeutics.  Our services include, but are not limited to, monitoring oversight, risk-based monitoring, risk management, and inspection readiness for sponsor companies and CROs of all sizes.  With our expert support, you will save valuable time and resources managing your studies, as well as navigating foreign research environments.




Clynergy is about synergy in clinical research. We regard each client and each project as a unique alliance of infinite potential.


We foster out-of-the-box thinking and recognize the difference between the correct approach (of which there are often many) and the best approach.


As a boutique consulting firm, our services are competitively-priced, free of overhead, and catered to the individual needs of each client.


Clynergy is well-versed in the latest transnational, technology-driven, and multi-cultural strategies for clinical research and monitoring in an ever-changing regulatory environment.




Our goal is to help you bring your leading-edge products and therapies into a clinical trial setting where patient safety is key and quality results, a must. Moreover, as you step onto the overseas regulatory terrain, we can help you bridge the cultural, communication, and compliance differences that can – and often do – result in undesirable consequences in the conduct of clinical trials.



With human lives at stake, dedicated oversight is more than just an added value in clinical research. It’s a legal obligation, as well as a critical process for ensuring reliable study data, regulatory compliance, and strong teamwork. At Clynergy, we help bridge the gap between the study sponsor and the clinical research organization by continuously and objectively assessing progress and performance at every stage.



In the clinical research world, risk assessment and mitigation provide the ultimate safety net when it comes to increasing patient safety, improving data quality, and achieving desired trial results. That said, it makes sense to invest in the expertise you need to oversee a well-orchestrated process for proactively assessing and mitigating study risks before they become costly and dangerous problems.



When it comes to high-quality medical and technical writing, we usually think in terms of streamlined, polished, and error-free documents. But what about the relevance of the content and its success rate in the clinic? The answer here lies in knowing your audience. That’s why we build upon our diverse experience to help clients deliver high-caliber documents that are also highly relevant and effective.


The Clynergy Team is Led by Ned French

Ned's Bio

Ned French is a well-rounded expert in the field of clinical research, with more than 19 years of experience in a variety of roles, including Oversight Risk Manager, Project Manager, Training Manager, Clinical Oversight Lead, Sr. Clinical Research Associate, and Clinical Project Coordinator. He has overseen sites in Phase I facilities, major university hospitals, smaller hospitals, and private practices throughout North America and Europe, working in a broad range of therapeutic areas, including nephrology, central nervous system, hematology, immunology, vaccines, neurology, pain management, wound management, gastroenterology, and surgery.

Mr. French specializes in sponsor oversight; risk management; risk-based monitoring; central and remote monitoring and dashboard development; inspection readiness; project and site management; contracts and budgets; clinical training and CRA development; auditing; medical and technical writing; vendor and partnership management; translation management; systems implementation; and feasibility assessments. In addition to having managed more than 30 in-house studies in support of placebo and product delivery prototype development, he has actively served on over 75 clinical trials, including orphan, biologic, pharmaceutical, and medical device trials.

Having steadily worked his way up through the ranks, in both sponsor companies and clinical research organizations, Mr. French not only understands the “bigger picture,” he also knows first-hand the power of synergistic teamwork in conducting successful clinical trials. What’s more, he has spent the last several years in the international marketplace. Consequently, he is uniquely positioned to design and deliver consulting services that are project-relevant, highly customized, and culturally sensitive.

Mr. French holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, as well as two high-profile industry certifications – Certified Clinical Research Associate (CCRA) and Certified Clinical Research Professional (CCRP) – which speak to his proven knowledge of the regulations, guidelines, and best practices in the field of clinical research. He is also fluent in English and German.

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